5 cool apps for your Android Wear Smartwatch

Apps for Android Wear have become a hit in the technological sector; you therefore have the freedom and privilege of selecting any apps that you are interested in. It is a brand new platform in the Android wear world but the truth is that it has been quickly embraced by many people from all walks of life all over the world.

You can find below 5 greats apps for your Android Wear device.

1Weather app

It is an intensely used weather app in most of android wear because of several reasons; its functionality is always on point, it has a simple but very beautiful interface design which makes it enjoyable to get any weather updates. Moreover, it uses other weather tools that make it the most efficient app for your Android wear. With this app you will get updates on the current weather and also the weather forecasts of the areas that you are interested in. In summary, it is the most attractive android weather app with a complete feature pack that will always give you a reason to acquire an android wear.

Get 1Weather on the Google Play



If you are used to using Wikipedia, this is the android app that you have to use, it gives you the opportunity of searching and reading things on Wikipedia because of its utility features.  People think that it is not easy to read from a smart watch but this app is well designed in that it is readable. It is a free app and its organizational structure is the slick type that allows you to work through different sections of a Wikipedia page. It is the best app for quick referencing because it’s swift and very fast.

Get Attopedia on the Google Play



It is a free app on Android wear that gives you the opportunity of easily learning other languages; it was among the first apps to be implemented for android app wear that is why it is popularly used by most people. Its mode of operation is simple in that information is usually displayed on flashcards so that you can easily relate with it. The most interesting fact about this android wear app is that you can use it at anytime and anywhere.

Get Duolingo on the Google Play


Evernote for Android wear

This app allows you to view any notes on your watch, isn’t this amazing?  There is no room for making excuses because with this app on your watch, you will always have a quick glance of the most important things like memos from work, significant house requirements. The beauty of this app does not end there because it also has a voice command that you can when dictating and checking any latest news in notes form. It is therefore faster than practically using the phone to get hold of your important notes.

Get Evernote for Android Wear in Google Play


Find My Phone wear app

From the name, you can easily identify the function if this app that is considered as one of the best apps for your android wears. It is a finder app that you use to easily find your phone. When used, the phone either flips or an alarm activated on your phone. The watch always alerts you especially if leave without your phone.

Get the Find My Phone Wear App on the Google Play


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