5 must have apps for you Apple Watch

The apple watch is an amazing smart wear that you can have but you have to know that its manner of operation entirely depends on the apps that you add on its system. There are therefore apps that will always ensure that you enjoy using your apple watch all the time.


Citymapper is one of the most essential apple watch apps because it is a public transport preeminent app that will help you cruise through several cities without any difficulties when you are in certain cities like Paris, Barcelona, London and Manchester. The app will also give you the time and direction of subways, trains and buses. If you are new in these cities, you can get prior directions to your final destination and save them before you start your journey. There is no more asking around for directions or getting lost along the way!

Get the Citymapper  App for your Apple Watch


Hailo watch app

When you want to order for a cab, you can easily do that with this exceptional app; in order to enjoy its function you have to do one simple thing, setting up your own account. There is no need of adding your location when requesting for a cab because the app knows your actual location. You can therefore get a cab by simply clicking on this app. You will always save time and get to all your appointments on time, moreover you will be in a position to ask for help when you are faced with other emergencies that need to be addressed quickly.

Get the Hailo Watch app for your Apple Watch


Peak app

It is one of the best Apple watch apps; the main function of the app is to keep your brain active at all times. The watch version is interesting because it has three games and they are designed in such a way that they can be easily viewed on the watch screen. The app will provide you with different workouts and other tasks that will fully engage you and test you; these activities are not only educational, they are also healthy in the sense that your mind will always be engaged which is an ideal measure that maintains the nature of activities in your brain. After a hard day’s work, you can relax your brain and unwind by using this great app.

Get the Peak app for your Apple Watch


British Airways

This is the best app especially when you are about to travel, you will be able to get all the flight information that you require before making any bookings. Different information is usually displayed on the glance screen of your apple watch like the time of departure of the flight that you hope to take; countdown to the time of takeoff, the weather of your destination is also indicated so you get a real feel of what you are likely to experience on the actual flight.

It also informs you on the time that you have to check in before your flight takes off and you can also use your watch as a pass at all security checks and at the gate.

Get the British Airways app for your Apple Watch


XE currency

It is a currency converter app on your watch that will enable you understands how the foreign exchange market works.

Get the XE currency app for your Apple Watch


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