A look at Samsung Gear S2 Tizen interface

Still a couple of days before the IFA and Samsung is still feeding us with some news about the upcoming Gear S2. Today we have look at the Tizen interface thanks to a short video.

We can see a leather band and the rotative bezel, which allows to do action without touching the screen.

The interface with icons looking like bubbles remind the Appe Watch and LG Watch Urbane LTE (the Urbane LTE runs a modified version of WebOS).

We can find a hearth rate monitor, a phone application, confirming the nano SIM port rumored recently, a weather app,agenda and sport applications. It seems that Samsung partnered with Nike as we can see a pre-installed app along Samsung own fitness apps. Watchfaces seems pretty diverse and we don’t see  a black strip at the bottom of the screen.

The smartwatch Gear S2 will be presented in a couple of days at IFA on september, 3rd. Short wait !

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