Android Wear 1.3 : Google Translate and interactive watch faces

Android Wear 1.3 is now official and is coming with some pretty good feature. Among the changes, Google is adding Google Translate, interactive watch faces and Wifi support for the LG Watch R.


Interactive watch faces

Google is adding with Android Wear 1.3 interactive watch face, in a move to compete against their direct competitor, the Apple Watch. Google unveiled several versions of these screens now able to display customized information, like Bits,  which contains seven bubbles of information arranged around the screen, including weather, missed calls, the number steps or received messages : to see the information, you just need to click on the appropriate bubble, which then is deployed and displayed in the center of the screen.

Google also showed off another watch face using its new API, « Under Armour », developed by the renowned American sports equipment manufacturer, and designed to allow the user to monitor its performance, or « Together », dedicated to sharing photos and emojis between watches using the same watch face. Other interactive watch face are already available on the Play Store and can be downloaded on watches already equipped with Android Wear 1.3 .

Here the watch face more in details :

Bits for Android Wear 1.3

Under Armour
Under Armour for Android Wear 1.3

Together watch face Android 1.3


Google Translate

Google uncovered another feature with Android Wear 1.3  and it is Google Translate. Android Wear now includes Google Translate, even if the app is not installed on your device already. To use it, you just need to just need to paire the Watch to the phone or be connected to Wifi. Launch the application and say the sentence you want to translate. The app recognize 44 languages and add a nice new feature :  to show the translation of a sentence, just rotate your wrist and the text will be displayed in full screen. Google provided a GIF to illustrate the process.

Google translate Android Wear 1.3

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