Asus Zenwatch 2 – The Next Big Announcement by Asus May Come This Year!

The very first wearable android announced by Asus is the Asus Zenwatch. This smartwatch has come to the market recently andt has managed to receive several good recognitions from across the globe. Due to this reason, Asus has also announced the successor for Asus Zenwatch and named it as Asus Zenwatch 2. While this may not be the wearable that can really clean up the popularity of the Apple Watch, still then it will be accepted in the market wholeheartedly for sure. If you are looking for more details related to the Asus Zenwatch 2, then you have landed on the right page.


This will be the next android smartwatch announced by Asus and it will be announced sometime during 2015. The price for this advanced android smartwatch hasn’t been revealed but we expect around $199. Asus is yet to announce the official release date for its new device. However, after announcing the Asus Zenwatch 2 at the IFA 2015, you can expect it pretty soon.

It’s the design of this android smartwatch that seems to be the strongest point for the device. The fact is that such device can come with the same sort of design but there will be some major differences as far as the features are concerned. For the Asus Zenwatch 2, they have assigned a fresh crown button on the right side of the smartwatch. This button can be used to initiate the standby mode for the device. This will also help the users to get completes control on the apps that are assigned for this wearable. The Asus Zenwatch 2 will come in two sizes. One will come with 49x41mm along with the 22m strap and the next one may come with 45x37mm along with the strap of 18mm. users can also avail these straps in different materials like metal, leather and rubber and these straps can be assigned for both the models. These models can also come in gunmetal, silver as well as rose-gold like colors.

Stay tuned for more information about the Asus Zenwatch 2


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