Razer’s Nabu and Nabu X gets relaunched in October

Razer took advantage of the PAX Prime 2015 to announce some improvements on the Nabu based on users’ feedback. Now, the button is located on the top and the wristband clasp is magnetic and can be opened from the side. Razer has also located the charge port to the inside of the wristband. We also now have an official pre-order date which is September 15 with shipping starting in October for $99.


Here a summary of the Razer Nabu specs that can be found on Razer webpage.

Display and Sensor

  • OLED 128×16 single color
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Cylindrical vibration motor


  • Single button for OLED screen access and other specific functions
  • Lithium-polymer battery with up to 6 days battery life
  • Rain, sweat, and splash proof. Not suitable for showering and submerging.
  • Charging via proprietary USB cable.
  • Wireless syncing with mobile devices via Bluetooth LE.


  • iPhone 5/5S/6/6 Plus with iOS 8 (or higher)
  • Android 3.4 (or higher) device with Bluetooth Lower Energy (BT 4.0 or higher)

Razer also announced some improvements on the Nabu X, but on the software side. The band will receive a companion app (also compatible with Nabu) that will provide info about your activity (sleep, step tracking, …) in clean and easy way.


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