Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 – What do we know so far ?

The next Samsung smartwatch, Galaxy Gear 2 has officially been announced and the company has leaked few images of this circular smartwatch to the internet. They announced the release of this smartwatch in April 2015, along with the announcement of their latest Software Development Kit. This announcement came along with images of round app icons and round watch faces, which impressed the smartwatch users in every corner of the world.

The design of Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is confirmed

The most prominent feature that you can find in Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is its circular design and it has already been confirmed by the manufacturer. The first image of this smartwatch was posted on the Instagram profile of a Samsung design executive. This image clearly shows how the smartwatch would be in real life. It comes along with a stainless steel design and the watch looks compact on the wrist. You can find two different physical buttons on the side of this smartwatch.

GearS2 rotatin bezel

At least three different versions of it will come

As per the latest rumors, Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will come to the market in at least three different varieties. Those rumored have been confirmed and the Gear S2 will be available on in 3 models, Gear S2, Gear S2 Classic and Gear with 3G. The developers have been impressed with the variety of Apple phones and they have decided to make Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 cater the requirements of all the people who are looking to get hold of a smartwatch. The latest rumors say that this smartwatch will come in two different sizes and a separate luxury model. Moreover, it will come with a Nano SIM card slot. Some rumors say that Samsung will develop two different varieties of this smartwatch for men and women. However, we can hope for different prices, different materials and different sizes in this new circular smartwatch.


Hardware Specifications

The designers of Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 have thought about adding physical controls to the touchscreen. Users can seek the assistance of these buttons for a variety of navigation actions including zooming, scrolling and adjusting the levels such as brightness and volume. This smartwatch will come along with a stunning super AMOLED display of 1.18 inch that has a screen resolution of 360*360 and a pixel count of 305 pixels per inch. You can expect the usual sensors that can be found in other Samsung wearables in this smartwatch, which include the heart rate monitor, gyroscope and accelerometer. The entire Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch will be powered by an  1GHz dual core processor. It will be paired with 512MB of RAM and a 450MHz GPU. The smartwatch will be powered by Tizen.


Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Release Date

People were expecting the release of Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 during the Mobile World Congress, which was held in Barcelona earlier this year. Unfortunately, the announcement did not arrive during the Congress. Therefore, we can expect the release of Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 during Samsung’s IFA conference, which is scheduled to be held on 3rd September.

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