Intel Basis Peak smartband now available in Europe

It’s the Intel Basis Peak which appears as the most impressive and promising fitness watch that helps people to track heart rate in an effortless manner. This is a fully automatic fitness tracker that you can use on your wrist to keep track of the heart rate while running or performing certain exercises. With this fitness tracking wearable, you are going to take advantage of the most advanced features. There are also new accessories assigned for this smartwatch to make it more accepted in the market. Intel owns this product and they have also announced that Basis Peak supports the Bluetooth GATT which is a protocol that can be used to drive the most from the third-party apps. Through this, users can also share the data related to their heart rate easily. as the Basis Peak use to track heart beat rate 24×7, having this wearable at your disposal can make life easier for sure. There are some apps like RunKeeper, Strava as well as Edmondo that can work properly with Basis Peak from Intel. The previous model for the Basis Peak was not supporting these external apps.


While announcing this advanced version of Basis Peak, Intel has announced to release it along with the smartwatch notifications like feature. Well, this is not added right now for the device but users will start availing this from the mid part of December when the firmware upgrade will arrive for them. With this, users will be able to see the texts, calendar events and phone calls on the screen of Basis Peak. Users can also expect to take advantage of the On Watch Coaching Notifications like feature which is not assigned for the smartwatch yet.


This smartwatch is also coming with the newly designed sports vents straps. From the mid of the December, new straps in different vibrant colors like green, coral, blue, red and black will be available. These bands will come with the pins that can produce a quick to release mode for the users while trying to snap the band on or off. During the mid of December, the Basis Peak is expected to reach for Canada through Best Buy as well as Future Shop. During the same time, it will be available in UK through Amazon. However, users in US are already taking advantage of the Basis Peak!

Razer’s Nabu and Nabu X gets relaunched in October

Razer took advantage of the PAX Prime 2015 to announce some improvements on the Nabu based on users’ feedback. Now, the button is located on the top and the wristband clasp is magnetic and can be opened from the side. Razer has also located the charge port to the inside of the wristband. We also now have an official pre-order date which is September 15 with shipping starting in October for $99.


Here a summary of the Razer Nabu specs that can be found on Razer webpage.

Display and Sensor

  • OLED 128×16 single color
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Cylindrical vibration motor


  • Single button for OLED screen access and other specific functions
  • Lithium-polymer battery with up to 6 days battery life
  • Rain, sweat, and splash proof. Not suitable for showering and submerging.
  • Charging via proprietary USB cable.
  • Wireless syncing with mobile devices via Bluetooth LE.


  • iPhone 5/5S/6/6 Plus with iOS 8 (or higher)
  • Android 3.4 (or higher) device with Bluetooth Lower Energy (BT 4.0 or higher)

Razer also announced some improvements on the Nabu X, but on the software side. The band will receive a companion app (also compatible with Nabu) that will provide info about your activity (sleep, step tracking, …) in clean and easy way.