The New Moto 360 is now available

The leading brand Motorola has recently came up with its all new design the New Moto 360 with the 2015 edition. This device is all set to capture the market with its all new and improved design. Experts have also mentioned that such device is going to appear as the best android wear that is loaded with high end functions which will keep the potential users attracted for a long time. But the question is that how this smartwatch will negotiate with the increasing rate of competition that has become quite apparent for the wearable market? It is believed that such device will come with impressive upgrades than the previous model. It appears to be a better and more advanced one at first sight!

What is the release date and what price potential buyers can expect?

The New Moto 360 2 has been announced  on the 2nd of September, 2015  is already available in US from the Moto Maker. The price for this smartwatch starts at 300 dollar US dollars for its basic model and can rise to 450 US dollars for the expensive version.

Design and build

It’s the New Moto 360 which comes in two different sizes like 42mm as well as 46mm. The prime idea behind the announcement of these two different sizes is to cater both men and women who are looking for the best smartwatch in the market. Motorola as a leading brand has really worked hard on the New Moto 360 to assign a new design for it. It’s the 2015 model that looks more fashionable with comparison to the previous one. The most notable change they have assigned is that physical button which has moved from the mark of 3 o’ clock to the position of 2 o’ clock in order to avoid the accidental activation of the device.


Moto 360 2 Display

Motorola has announced this smartwatch with two different displays that comes in two different sizes,  1.37 inch and 1.56 inch. These are LCD displays and equipped with a higher resolution like 360 x 325 as well as 360 x 330. Motorola has also worked on improving the screen reflection.

Moto 360 2 software

The New Moto 360 is coming with the latest android wear software. It’s the latest version of OS that is assigned for New Moto 360. It also comes with an optimized fitness-tracker with three different data sets available on the home screen: heart-rate analysis, pedometer and time.


Stay tuned for the full Moto 360 specs.

Source: Androidpit

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